My cookie jar Manchester

She came to me
In a huddle of tears
I washed her with assurance
That not one of us is perfect
And in this desolate place
It is so easy
To make mistakes

This shall be the first
Of many disappointments
You will have inside yourself

The road gets longer
And harder and steeper and so so much
More painful
It’s going to kill you inside somedays
And you’re going to have to fight
To not just kill the outside too

Don’t look so downward
Look forward

Assess your path
Before you step
Know yourself

Know if you have weak knees
Or a failing heart
Know if your lungs are burnt and suffocating
Take the pace that gets you
To the end

Push as fast as you can without tiring

Only experience can tell you
This pace

But stopping to rest
Will not help
It only delays the pain
Of failure that comes from quitting

Look at your strengths and focus
Your mind on that
Focus on the pattern
The sound of your feet and your breath
Make a song in your mind with them
Go so far inside your own strength
You can’t feel the burning anymore
Only the rhythm

Thump thump—breath in
Thump thump—breath out
Thump thump—breath in
Thump thump—breath out

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glow me


glow me

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Tviga - Day and Night (2009)

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Operation Dominic - Sunset (1962)

The Soviet Union had abrogated the 34 month old de facto nuclear testing moratorium on 1 September 1961 by initiating an unprecedented series of atmospheric nuclear tests. The initial U.S. response was to commence its own test series (Operation Nougat) two weeks later. Nougat was an underground series however, restricted to very low yield devices.

Numerous atmospheric tests, many at high yield, were of course on the drawing board at the weapons labs, some carried over from planning for previous test series. The Dominic Sunset test successfully reached the full design yield with a yield-to-weight ratio of 4.06 kt/kg. The vapor cloud rose to over 60,000 feet.

Nuclear detonations produced high above the ground do not create mushroom clouds. The heads of the clouds themselves consist of highly radioactive particles, primarily the fission products, and are usually dispersed by the wind, though weather patterns (especially rain) can produce problematic nuclear fallout.

Nuclear explosions are often accompanied by short-lived vapor clouds known variously as “Wilson clouds”, condensation clouds, or vapor rings. The low pressure region causes a sharp drop in temperature, causing moisture in the air to condense in a shell surrounding the explosion. When the pressure and temperature return to normal, the Wilson cloud dissipates.


I just woke up, had a weird dream. Saturn was singing: Put a ring on it.



I just woke up, had a weird dream. Saturn was singing: Put a ring on it.

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I don’t deserve to be anyone’s second choice.

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Yayoi Kusama - 14th Street Happening, 1966

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